Founded in 2020, the Midlands African Chamber is a membership-based organization that exists to enhance the robust African and African American business climate in Nebraska and across the Midwest. All benefits, programs, and events of the Chamber are designed to give businesses the opportunity to make or save money, acquire knowledge and skills to help grow a network of successful entrepreneurs.
The Chamber puts members first working to provide them with numerous benefits, including exclusive networking, marketing, and cost-saving opportunities. The Chamber strives to create a positive economic impact in the Midwest by providing business opportunities, leadership, education, advocacy, and economic development.


To foster a supportive business climate for African and African American Entrepreneurs in the Midlands. To build a proactive partnership with all levels of government and community organizations, to create an environment where business aspirations of diverse communities are attainable and promote the social, economic, and cultural advancement of the African and African American community.

MAC Foundation

The MAC Foundation is the fundraising arm of the Midlands African Chamber organized as a 501(c)(3) corporation exclusively for charitable, educational, and cultural purposes in the state of Nebraska.

The Foundation provides a mechanism to establish, administer and finance programs that enhance the robust African and African American communities’ crucial needs, in line with the goals of the Midlands African Chamber.

If you have any questions about the Foundation or would like to discuss ways in which you can become involved in its work, please contact us.

Pitch Black

Pitch Black is a dynamic conference strategically crafted to fuel entrepreneurship across diverse communities in the Midwest. Our event showcases prominent speakers, a business exposition, and an exciting business pitch competition. The competition is specifically tailored to offer a platform for emerging BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) as well as immigrant and refugee entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative ideas. Participants have the opportunity to compete for a grand prize of up to $15,000, complemented by invaluable in-kind support surpassing $40,000. This support extends to essential services such as marketing, legal, and accounting, providing crucial assistance for their ventures.

A groundbreaking initiative, Pitch Black, is committed to nurturing entrepreneurship and fortifying businesses. By facilitating connections between emerging entrepreneurs and potential investors, mentors, and essential resources, our conference strives to invigorate economic growth and champion diversity in the local economy.

We invite you to partner with the MAC and Pitch Black in championing entrepreneurship within black and minority communities in Nebraska and the broader Midwest. Your involvement as a business or community partner is crucial to realizing the success of this endeavor. Let's collaborate to make a lasting impact together.


Member Services

Our members will have access to unique networking and promotional opportunities, educational programs, business services, and special events – all designed to help their business succeed.

Economic Development

Our economic development activities will feature the Chamber as an active partner in business attraction, business retention and expansion, transportation, redevelopment, workforce development, and recruitment and retention of talent. We believe that an exceptional quality of life is essential to creating a sustainable economy.

Advocacy and Public Policy

Build a proactive partnership with all levels of government and community organizations, to provide leadership for the social, economic, and cultural advancement of the African and African American community.
The Chamber will be the voice of the diverse business communities and the guardians of the business climate.

Organizational Values

The Midlands African Chamber, Inc. has embraced the following institutional values to direct our governance and activities:
  • Excellence: We shall strive to meet the highest expectations.
  • Partnership: we will work with local and regional partners to promote a diverse and thriving business environment.
  • Community: We believe a strong community drives business success.
  • Service: We believe in service to others before self and in respecting community resources
  • Integrity: We shall demonstrate transparency, honesty, and trustworthiness in action and intent.
  • Innovation: We shall embrace the creativity and forward-thinking of our members.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: We shall include and respect diverse participation in community dialogue and decision-making.
  • Courage: We shall persist and move forward with strength when faced with hardship and adversity.